Prosper Review – Could It Be Worth a 2nd Appearance?

Prosper Investment Strategy

We utilized the web site LendStats to formulate my investing that is quantitative strategy. Both peer-to-peer financing websites allow use of historic financing data. It seems Prosper releases a lot more loan history information.

From my findings: email address details are much like my Lending Club information analysis however with some distinctions. Of program, past performance doesn’t guarantee future returns, but it is a starting place. My danger model filtering is dependent upon:

  • Loan Purpose — I adhere to the groups debt consolidating, Home Improvement, private, Auto along with other. A number of the groups had been recently produced or are historically (and via stats) poor-performing assets.
  • Employment — we choose just people that are used. Sorry other small enterprises, but statistically you might be riskier. In addition, i am attempting to mitigate a number of my personal personal danger.
  • Money — I currently begin filtering out of the $0, perhaps maybe maybe maybe Not Employed and Not Available. But, from my research, anybody annually sub $50,000 is more at risk to default.
  • Loan Term — I like to take a position just in 36-month loans or reduced. While 60-month records can be obtained and reveal a slight upsurge in comes back, i favor to prevent longer-term loans.
  • Inquiries — how times that are many the last 6 months has got the debtor asked for credit checks? I choose 0 to at least one demands. Statistically, anyone whom’s asked for more than you have a much risk that is great default.
  • Prosper Rating — I choose B records or reduced, primarily because i would like an increased return and certainly will slightly accept the greater standard danger. You may desire to adjust this correctly.
  • Credit History — those with a credit score of greater than six years show become a significantly better danger. It really is assumed they understand how to better manage their cash and possess had the oppertunity to significantly get on the own on the legs.
  • Public Information — None. I do not wish people who have actually defaulted on past loans. This is also true since Prosper loans are credit card debt. Being an investor, We have just their term they shall keep having to pay the mortgage.
  • Financial obligation to Income Ratio — not as much as 40 per cent has been confirmed to less default that is likely. In addition, Prosper rejects people who possess ratios more than 50 %, which means this must certanly be an essential metric.
  • Previous Prosper Loans — While I do not exclude brand brand new Proper borrowers, Prosper users whom’ve proven to make prompt payments are statistically a better credit danger.

Prosper Pros & Cons


Despite the fact that Lending Club draws twice the amount of applications, Prosper continues to be an alternative that is formidable. It seems despite having the underwriting that is new, Prosper loans are somewhat riskier than Lending Club. This really is in relation to doing the quantity crunching used to do on LendStats. This is not fundamentally a bad thing; it really is one thing to be familiar with whenever choosing loans.

This review is dependant on a real-world test that is long-term and I also want to place my cash where my lips is. If i love my outcomes throughout the next few quarters, i shall start increasing my investment to $10,000. Real time long and “Prosper” as an investor.

Disclosure: We have over $7,000 spent with Prosper and over $15,000 with Lending Club.

24 Reviews

Many thanks with this, i did son’t understand just exactly exactly just how much company we had in losing profits with Prosper. Used to do, but, occur to select in regards to the time that is worst to invest–$10,000 throughout the springtime of 2008. When you look at the end, about 1/3rd of my loans defaulted and I also lost about $600. We attributed this outcome primarily to your mortgage meltdown and carnage that is resulting but that knows. We acknowledge I’m a little weapon shy about trying either Prosper once again or LendingClub.

Good review Larry. We concur that Prosper provides a exceptional replacement for Lending Club, one which carries a greater risk premium (an average of) but with greater possible returns to justify that risk. In hindsight Prosper’s initial underwriting model seemed pretty stupid but having talked at size with both founders i am aware where they certainly were originating from. They certainly were wanting to take action undoubtedly innovative use that is connections and peer force to reduce the possibility of standard. In Prosper 1.0 the social part of p2p lending is really what had online payday loans Maine been emphasized. And who knows, whenever we have actuallyn’t had the financial meltdown, investor returns has been completely different plus the social aspect could have remained.

Don’t use the Premier invest that is quick prosper. We asked that a maximum of 50. be placed in that loan which is all i could do in order to encourage them to stop placing a lot more than that. The loan that is latest they place me personally in ended up being for 300 to a person with 31 belated re re re payment and a standard currently on record. And calling them shall just allow you to get a run around.

I attempted them down a few years back. They appear pretty solid and I also didn’t have presssing dilemmas to talk about. I might echo Peter’s suggestion as an option to Lending Club.

I’m investing with both Lending Club and Prosper as well as the outcomes up to now (a few months) couldn’t be better. On Prosper: – About 200 records (mostly a plus AA, perhaps 20% B) , 2 already charged down, completely 4%+ on the means there (significantly more than 1 month belated). This will be simply a few months away. I do believe I could effortlessly see 15% standard prices by the two 12 months mark. Not a way to generate income with this sort of standard price.

On Lending Club: – About 110 Notes (Mostly A & B, but I’ve got C and D records also) – One note belated and that one is now for re re re payment plan therefore it is being rescued.

It is pretty clear in my experience that the Prosper procedure of assessing loan requests has problems that are deep is just a magnet for scammers who is able to exploit it. Lending Club having said that appears to be doing one thing very appropriate.

When you look at the passions of accuracy……………….. Anecdotal proof to your contrary non withstanding, Prosper has really outperformed Lending Club in each & each year. investor Junkie can offer us the breakdowns that are annual you can effortlessly look it on Lendstats

No offense Wayne, but sample that is small of 200 & 110 prove nothing. All comparisons/conclusions are HIGHLY suspect without a minimum sample size of 400-500 in LC & another 400-500 in Prosper. This will be something which could be verified by any year that is 1st student.